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Our Services

Real-time decision making reinvented.


We provide our clients with the best conditions for decision-making,

Predictive Modelling

Our experts use Interactive models generated from raw data to produce valuable insights and business intelliegnce.

Consulting Services

Market Insight

Our consulting team helps  our clients derive business insight and information from data. 

Big Data Explained

Consulting services transfer big data analysis into business models that can be deployed into business operations.

Our data scientists support our clients with data based business intelligence. Our experts provide statistics and data mining in the form of predictive models .In order to retain the full value of these models,  our data analytics experts expound our findings and clarify any and all lingering queries. thereby translating statistical data into business intelligence. Our consultants have expertise in developing analytical models and provide long-term support through monitoring, testing, and training.

The main goal of Edammo Consulting services is to translate statistical data into business intelligence. Deriving business insights from data is critical for effectively monetizing your business and increasing profits. Edammo helps our clients fully graps complex predictive models as well as provides the neccessary expertise and mechanisms to fully implement and utilize, the results of the analysis. From deployment, integration to execution, Edammo provides our clienst the neccessary guidance and expertise. 

Predictive Modelling

Cloud Infrastructure

Providing our clients with a dynamic cloud-based solution.

Data Mining

High end technology to predict outcomes and probabilities.

Edammo utilizes machine learning to accurately forecast short-term market trends.  Being first is everything in the modern marketplace, therefore the Edammo predictive analytics experts provide our clients with highly accurate and reliable predictive models. Edammo utilizes cloud infastructure  because it  offers many benefits to our clients including high connectivity and scalability. Cloud computing is an optimal platform for services, applications, and implementations.

Our data scientists and business consultants draw from customer generated statistics in order to compile a report and predictive models. Frequently changing trends require precise real-time predictive analytics. The Edammo team creates easily accessible predictive models so our clients can confidently make decisions based on statistical data. The experts at Edammo understands that strategic insights and business intelligence are key to business success.