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 Edammo Solutions utilize data mining and machine learning to optimize insghts and business intelligence.


Data Analytics


E-Commerce Price Trends

Real-time Price Optimization

In the fast paced retail environment, the ability to make decisions of when and where to buy an item is often uncertain and frequently changing. Edammo provides valuable predictive analytics by determining the optimal time and E-commerce platform to buy a product. E- Commerce price trends is particularly useful with respect to the fluctuating prices, Edammo aids distributors through determining the most advantageous time and E- commerce platform to generate profits.

Real- time price management is highly valuable to online vendors desiring the optimal price for maximim product sales. An analysis based on predivtive modelling (product pricing, customer behaviour, order, competitior pricing) provides our clients with the insights and business intelligences to effectively price an item. Deriving business insights from data to determine the most effective pricing as well as user customization are essential components for customer loyalty and retention.

Data Analytics

Real- Time Data Analysis

Insights  and Business Intelligence

Real-time predictive analytics is essential for most companies and organizations. Machine learning and analytics at Edammo pulls information from raw data and generates key insights and business intelligence. This data is then restructured and transferred into applicable predictive models. Our predictive models extract insight from data which, we at Edammo, transfer into accurate and reliable predictive models and reports,  

Our experts at Edammo analyze and interpret real- time data using the patent-pending Edammo software. Easy to deploy and interactive visualization are then utilized to effectively convey and explain the meaning of the newly-generated data. Our cloud- based infrastructure is the ideal platform for transferring and maintaining mass amounts of statistical data safely and securely.