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& Insights

Automatic Reports

Real-time Data Insights

Fully Automated

How do we help our clients?

Edammo provides solutions that help clients identify and capture insights derived from their data.

Business Analytics

Analyze and interpret existing data

Real-time Data Mining

Leverage the Edammo engine with fast, highly accurate data insights that can be generated even from small data sets

Agility and Automation

Smart technology to enhance business insights

Edammo Business
Intelligence & Insights

Real-time business intelligence by Edammo utilizes the break-through technology that enhances data insights. Our partners leverage the Edammo engine by having the ability to generate insights from small data sets. Most data companies can only produce business intelligence and insights when provided with large, static data sets. Conversely, Edammo can provide data-driven intelligence using small, dynamic, data sets.

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