Partner Product Development

Enhance Product Capability

Enable Product to Provide 
Real-time Insights

Close Collaboration 

How do we help our clients?

We work with our clients to integrate Edammo technology into their product enabling their product to leverage Edammo's unique capabilites.

Product Design and Integration

Integrate our technology with customer's product

Ongoing Support and Enhancement

Contiued support of our customer to adress their clients needs

Highly Responsive

We believe our partners' success is our success

Edammo in Partner Product Development

Real-time analysis by Edammo utilizes highly flexible architecture that enhances data insights. Our partners leverage the Edammo engine by having the ability to generate insights from small data sets. Most data companies can only produce business intelligence and insights when provided with large, static data sets. Conversely, Edammo can provide data-driven intelligence using small, dynamic, data sets.

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